How My Friends Accident Helped My Fibromyalgia Pain

As a person living with fibromyalgia (+ a dozen other complications I won’t mention, you know what they are if you have fibro, we all suffer through so much) for over 20 years I have seen it all. From doctors telling me I am crazy and I need to “buck up” to magical potions that…

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Can’t Work Because Of Fibro? New Ruling Gives Fibro Sufferers Disability Payments

Fibromyalgia is the most misunderstood, complicated, and controversial condition I have ever run across. On top of dealing with chronic pain, fibro fog, lack of sleep, fatigue, and everything else that fibromyalgia sufferers go through every day, the medical world still refuses to give us our dues. Modern day doctor’s are still stubbornly and inappropriately…

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My First Detox Experience

The Theory behind Detoxing and Fibro Listen to what your body is telling you. Does this sound familiar? “I feel like I was ran over by a Mack truck and backed over again” “Sometimes my scalp hurts so bad I don’t want to brush my hair” “My feet hurt to walk, my hands are so…

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Can A Detox Help Relieve Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

 After years of being tormented by conventional doctors over the cause of my fibromyalgia symptoms, I eventually sought the advice of a holistic pain specialist. Within 20 minutes of describing my daily struggle with my symptoms, she diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. It was a moment of mixed emotions. On one hand I was elated, because…

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How SAM-e Reduces Fibro Symptoms

SAM-e And Fibromyalgia SAM-e (pronounced “samm-ee”) has been prescribed in Europe for decades. It was originally developed in 1952 in Italy as a treatment for depression; however, patients also reported pain relief and inflammation relief as a side effect. In addition to depression, SAM-e has demonstrated positive results for treatment of other conditions according to…

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4 Easy Steps To Reduce Fibro Flare Ups

If you’re one of millions of Americans living with fibromyalgia, then you already know how insidious fibro flares can be. Not only must you endure chronic muscle pain, fatigue, “brain fog,” difficulty sleeping, and more; sometimes, for no obvious reason, the number of symptoms increase or existing symptoms become increasingly intense. These “flares” or “flare…

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cold weather and fibromyalgia

How The Weather Affects Fibromyalgia

  Many fibromyalgia sufferers report weather changes as one of the top causes of symptom flare-ups, especially muscle pain and stiffness. Interestingly, while many people with fibromyalgia report worsening of symptoms during cold weather, other fibro patients respond worse to heat. However, the validity of this claim is still up in the air, according to…

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Morgan Freeman Speaks About His Fibromyalgia

A little over a year ago, Esquire magazine published an insightful article about Morgan Freeman. During a day spent with Freeman at his home in Mississippi, the author of the article Tom Chiarella recalls noticing Freeman was in pain, as they walked around his property Freeman revealed to him that he was a long time…

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How Malic Acid (Malate) Helps Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia is a crippling chronic condition estimated to affect around ten million Americans. Despite increasing acknowledgment of fibromyalgia as a serious illness, and despite multiple attempts to treat its symptoms (generally widespread muscle and joint pain, chronic fatigue, fibro “brain fog,” and more, depending on the individual), we still don’t have a clear biochemical or…

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How Alpha Lipoic Acid Helps Fibromyalgia Pain

  Despite the fact that fibromyalgia is estimated to affect around ten million Americans, the underlying processes (biological, neurological, biochemical, and so on) responsible for fibromyalgia remain little understood. Unfortunately, this lack of understanding means that fibromyalgia remains difficult to diagnose and extremely difficult to treat effectively. Recently however, scientists have had success treating fibromyalgia…

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