How My Friends Accident Helped My Fibromyalgia Pain

As a person living with fibromyalgia (+ a dozen other complications I won't mention, you know what they are if you have fibro, we all suffer through so much) for over 20 years I have seen it all. From doctors telling me I am crazy and I need to “buck up” to magical potions that I hoped and dreamed would cure me. In the end, out of the thousands of different things I tried there were only a handful that actually helped. ¬†It's a short list. Detoxing to correct imbalances in my body, followed by proper fibro dieting and supplementation- this was and is to this day the best way I control my flare ups and lesson my daily pain. On top of this (and some other things like meditation, essential oils, long hot baths) I shyly admit, I use pain killers. Unfortunately for me, they make me sick. They make me extremely nauseous. Even when I break them in half and take them on a full stomach. When I take my pain killers it's because I am at my witts end with pain and have the next 4-6 hours to do absolutely nothing. I hear many similar stories from other fibro sufferers. It's a wonderful life ūüėõ

How I Found A Solution To My Pain

Earlier this year (2015), an old friend of mine took her family on vacation to a little town in Virginia. On the first day they went on a horse back trail tour. Halfway through the tour she said she was having a lovely time, just slowing riding along when her horse went nuts, bucked her off, and down she went. When she landed a nice big rock was waiting for her. Unfortunately, she broke 3 of her ribs that day. Thankfully it wasn't worse.

I went and visited her at her home a couple weeks after I had heard the news. If you have broken a rib or know someone who has…..unfortunately there really isnt much doctors can do to help. They make sure the broken bones didn't puncture any lungs. They give you some pain killers and send you on your way. Unfortunately for my friend and like myself, the pain killers just didn't agree with her. She said the first 3 days she took them they made her puke.¬†Like me, her sensitive stomach just couldn't handle the powerful narcotics.

When I visited my friend at her house I expected to find her doubled over in pain and feeling sick from the pain killers. What I discovered was completely different. She was in good spirits, not feeling sick, and although she wasn't pain free and healed, she was not in agony whatsoever. I was a little shocked.Back_pain

She told me that after a couple days on the pain killers she stopped taking them. She was in so much pain that her husband, just trying to find some sort of minimal relief for her tried using IcyHot cream on her ribs. To her surprise, she said it eased the pain…but only slightly and only for a very short time. THIS however, was the magical moment that sparked it all.

My friend being the smart and intuitive women that she is, turned to the internet to research pain creams that might pack a little more punch than over the counter products. However, she didn't just set out to find some all powerful internet miracle cure. She had certain criteria that a product must have in order for her to try it, as she didn't want to fall for any internet sales hype.

  1. The pain cream must be covered by her insurance, therefore FREE to her.
  2. The pain cream must be made for her particular type of pain and not a one-size-fits-all solution.

After a few days of researching, she finally found a product that met her criteria. When I saw her,¬†she had been using it for 3 days in a row¬†and I could tell….it was helping her tremendously.

The Only Product That Has Helped My Fibromyalgia Pain, and Not Made Me Sick

Naturally, as soon as she told me I asked her if I could try it. That day, my shoulders were killing me and my neuropathy made me want to chop my feet off. To my surprise, she told me no. She wouldn't let me try it! After a few minutes of bickering, she explained why. She said that this particular cream had been made especially for her. She spent 20-30 minutes of the phone describing her ordeal and the cream in her bottle would not be strong enough for me (she has known me for years and has seen my pain, it's intense). She explained that rather than letting me try her cream, then having me be disappointed in the results…….that it would be best for me to get on the phone with her and get a personalized bottle that was tailored to my own pain.

As soon as I heard, “personalized” and “tailored to my pain” my bank account flashed before my eyes. I told her “thanks, that would be nice but I know I can't afford it.”

“Do you still have insurance?” She asked.

“Yes,” I said………………..

Then it's FREE!” she screamed, “They don't even need a credit card, it's 100% FREE!”

Chronic Pain Cream from The American Pain and Mobility Institute has been like an angel from heaven for me these past several weeks. Each and every bottle, is customized for your particular pain issues.

The first day I used the cream I could not believe the results. I think after so many years of things not working for me, I¬†just expected this to be another thing to add to the list of “Doesn't Work.” But this was not the case. I felt amazing! My back and shoulders felt so good for the first time in years that I thought about going for a jog! LOL! If you know me, you would know how funny that is.¬†Not only did it help relieve me pain, but it made me so happy. You know that feeling when you buy a lottery ticket and for a few minutes you sit and day dream about all the money you're going to have, all the infinite possibilities and opportunities that will come about after you win……… was just like that.

I guess what I was feeling……. for the first time in a long time………….was hope.


Listen guys, I'm not here to push this product down your throat. I'm not here to be the next internet miracle cure salesman. I wrote this article to provide our community of Fibro's the chance at some relief from your agonizing pain. Trust me when I say this, it can get better. But you need to find out what works for you. We are all different and there is no one cure to fix all the issues we have. Your path to relief is going to consist of a series of experiments, trials and tests. Eventually, you will learn what works best for you and what does not work at all. I am infinitely grateful that I had the fortitude to continue my experiments, even after 20 years. This product, Chronic Pain Cream from The American Pain and Mobility Institute is 100% free, no credit card required, no shipping fee, nothing. All it takes, is your willingness to try.







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