My First Detox Experience

The Theory behind Detoxing and Fibro

Listen to what your body is telling you. Does this sound familiar?

“I feel like I was ran over by a Mack truck and backed over again”

“Sometimes my scalp hurts so bad I don’t want to brush my hair”

“My feet hurt to walk, my hands are so swollen I can’t wash dishes, sometimes I can’t even squeeze the brush to comb my daughters hair”

Our bodies are out of whack. They need to be “reset” and given a fresh start. With all the horrible chemicals in our foods that many of us have been consuming for years, it’s no wonder there is an abnormal amount of toxins in our blood streams.  The idea behind a detox program for fibros is to flush these toxins out and start fresh.

Detox Options

When I began to research detoxing, I could not get away from “The Master Cleanse,” it seemed to be everywhere.  Made famous by celebrities like Beyonce, the Master Cleanse, also known as the lemonade diet consists of 3 things: a lemonade-like beverage, a salt-water drink, and an herbal laxative tea. That was it. That’s all you eat for 10 days. Really?lemon detox fibromyalgia

After doing more research on the master cleanse, I concluded that this detox was basically a 10 day poop fest that would pretty much kill me. My body was already starving for nutrients as is, I knew that drinking lemonade poop juice for 10 days straight might be ok for a normal person’s body to handle, but for me…. for us fibros, this type of detox was NOT going to work.

Looking Elsewhere- The Total Wellness Cleanse

When I found the Total Wellness Cleanse program I was very excited. Rather than a detox focused on starving yourself, this program focuses on cleansing your body WITH food, not without it. In fact, Total Wellness Cleanse is the only detox program that lets you eat delicious, wholesome and nutritious foods…..while working behind the scenes to clean your body of all the junk that’s been piling up all your life.  There are no expensive “detox” potions that leave you gagging. No colon irrigations. No “spicy lemonade,” or any other nonsense.

The Total Wellness Cleanse is all about eating delicious, whole foods that nourish your body with the vital nutrients it needs to kick-start it’s own natural detox process. And it’s this process that restores your health — from the inside out.

But was this going to work?

When I was mentally preparing myself for my first detox I admit, I was very leery of how effective it was going to be. I was in so much pain, for such a long time, I constantly wondered if a simple 30 day detox could really have an impact. After all, the pain I felt was so excruciating, it had the power to derail me for weeks at a time. How can a detox take that away?

I didn’t know if it would work. But I knew I had to try. To not try, would be giving up. It would be letting fibromyalgia win and take complete control over my life. I was determined to not let that happen. Looking back now, I can say with confidence that this first detox became the foundation from which my new life grew. It was the first and only thing up to that point that provided ANY sort of relief for me. If you’re a fibro reading this article, you might be rolling your eyes. You know, and I know, a detox will not cure your fibromyalgia. But I wasn’t looking for a cure, because I knew it did not exist.  What I wanted……. was relief.  I wanted a break. I wanted God to throw me a freakin bone for once (excuse my language). I didn’t want to wake up stiff as a board, unable to move in the morning. I wanted to get some sleep, real sleep.  I didn’t want to worry every morning if I was going to flare putting on my bra. I wanted to brush my hair without being in pain. I just wanted, a break, some relief from this hell.

And that is exactly what the Total Wellness Cleanse provided me. Some relief. Below are snippets of my journal entries I wrote to chronicle my first detox. I am posting them today so you can have an idea of what this detox was like, so you are better prepared to begin your own.

(warning these are right from my personal journal and might be slightly vulgar at times)


Day 1

(keep in mind at the time I was writing this journal I had no thought of ever publishing it so the language might be a little “odd”)

Today I went to the grocery store to buy food for my 30 day detox. I left the kids and husband at home (like he wanted to come anyway) because this trip was for me. I didn’t want any distractions or lose focus. The program came with a 1 week grocery list for each week of the diet. Unfortunately, because the foods are so fresh, you can’t buy the whole months’ worth of food at once. But I guess that’s the point. My first week of food cost $37 from the grocery store; I was very surprised it wasn’t more. When I looked at my basket before checkout, I noticed that I didn’t have one piece of processed food. It was one of those weird things you notice, because it’s never happened before.

The program comes with a complete food list as well. Things like artichokes, apples, almonds, asparagus, blueberries, cabbage, and broccoli were going to be on the menu this month, along with chicken and turkey.

I prepped the next 4 days of food so I didn’t have to make every meal day by day. It took about 45 minutes for everything. Tomorrow, we begin.

Day 3

Yesterday was the first day on the detox and I have to say it was a lot easier than today. I think the excitement of the possible results kept me pretty upbeat yesterday and now reality is setting in.  I am craving sugar and bread like crazy. I can’t ever remember craving bread before but right now I literally might kill for a slice.

Day 4

(warning, day 4 is a little graphic)

I woke up at 3:30am last night with pains in my stomach. About 2 minutes later I was in the bathroom holding on for dear life. I didn’t have diarrhea though. But I did have what had to have been the biggest poop I have ever taken in my life. I honestly had no idea something so big could come out of my behind! Afterwards I felt amazing. I swear I pooped away my lower back pain. I feel like I lost 20 pounds and for the first time in what felt like forever, I stood up straight as an arrow. It felt like my posture had been corrected even though it made absolutely no sense. It may have been the greatest poop of my life.  I drank a glass of water, and went back to bed.

Day 8

Yesterday was my 7th full day on the Total Wellness Cleanse and last night I slept like a baby! The last thing I remember I was crawling into bed and shutting my eyes, the next thing I know its morning. It was like I blacked out or something. I don’t think I have ever slept like this before. I woke up feeling rested for the first time in years.  I hope this continues. If the ONLY benefit I get from this cleanse is better sleep it would be worth it 10 times over. I’m so excited. I feel like I did when I first got engaged to my husband, excited about my future. I haven’t felt like this in years.

Day 12

I’ve lost 15 pounds. I’m starving, but I’ve lost 15 pounds.lost 15 pounds on detox

Day 14

I feel like my insides have been given a bath. I’ve been pooping twice a day, consistently. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon, like clockwork. Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in years. I shouldn’t say that. Yesterday was one of my best fibro days I have had in years.  I woke up rested and excited which almost never happens. I sat up in bed, and for the first morning in years, my back wasn’t killing me. It was so weird. I made the same groaning noise, winced my face the same way I always do when getting out of bed only ….…… didn’t hurt lol! I laughed out loud when I realized it.

Was I so used to this pain that I formed a habit of groaning when I got out of bed?  I have no idea if this is even medically possible but I think my body was storing its toxins in my lower back. My lower back pain was the first noticeable change on this detox and it continues to get better every day.

Day 15

Today completes the first phase of the detox. Tomorrow I start what they call the “maintenance phase” where the focus is on forming new healthy habits to continue once the detox is completed. I have already learned so much from this detox.  It has truly been one of the best decisions of my life. I am not cured, but I feel so much better and I am so hopeful for my future. If a simple detox can give me so much relief from my fibromyalgia pain, I wonder what else is out there. I know you will never read this Dr. Badal, but thank you. You have given me hope.

(doctor Badal was the pain specialist who finally gave me my diagnoses after so many years of conventional doctors telling me that it was all in my head and a normal part of being a new mom)

I stopped journaling about my detox after this point. It’s a bummer, I really wish I had the next 15 days chronicled. Hopefully the first 14 days gave you a little more insight into the Total Wellness Cleanse.

Is The Total Wellness Cleanse Right For You?

Well that depends on you.  If you are a fibromyalgia sufferer and have not detoxed yet, or if it’s been awhile since your last detox…. I highly recommend checking out The Total Wellness Cleanse.

Check out what others are saying about it

Thanks to the Total Wellness Cleanse, I eat differently, I have no more cravings, I'm more conscious about my health, and I'm in full control of my health” — Emmanuelle Vanettinger, France


“I lost weight, dropped clothing sizes, got rid of my candida problem, lost my massive sugar cravings and learned how to eat well— Leah Benson, Florida, USA


“I have been off chronic medication since I started the cleanse and trust that it is now something of the past” — Marisca Fourie, Centurion, South Africa


One of the best features about the Total Wellness Cleanse is that with the program you get access to a members only Facebook group. Here you have direct access to other people going through the detox as well as detox coaches. This feature was not available when I did my first detox and is a huge benefit to the program.

If you would like to read more about the Total Wellness Cleanse, Click Here.

Total Wellness Cleanse

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