Conventional Treatments

Problems with Conventional Fibromyalgia Treatment

When it comes to experiencing a tremendous amount of pain, those fighting fibromyalgia ought to win a trophy for their relentless contention with pain.  After all, they feel it and fight it just about every day. Fibromyalgia is one of the over 100 autoimmune diseases wreaking havoc in society today. In essence, an autoimmune disease…

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Tender Points

Understanding Fibromyalgia Trigger Points and Tender Points

Fibromyalgia Trigger Points Fibromyalgia is a massively misunderstood disorder characterized by a range of symptoms but most commonly associated with widespread musculoskeletal pain throughout the body. Other common effects of fibromyalgia include chronic fatigue and/or insomnia; mild to moderate loss of cognitive function; memory and mood disorders; major depressive disorder; and more.[1] In this article,…

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